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About us

The abpSPORT brand is owned by Abp Prosport d.o.o. We are specialized in the sale of food and nutritional supplements via online stores or in wholesale. Online store has been operating in Slovenia on the national and international market since 2006. Many years of experience enable us to take care of all our customers appropriately.

We are constantly committed to improving our services and serving you in the best possible way. Through our website you can access to many information, connect with us through social networks and stay up-to-date with sports nutrition news.

We have also used our long and professional experience to create the new INN Supplements brand. In making our products, we have considered the most important aspect for us, namely you. We want to offer affordable and high quality products to the general public.

Abp Prosport d.o.o.,
Bukovica 42a,
5293 Volčja Draga – Slovenia

Phone: +386 (0) 51 218 785
Share capital: € 7,500.00
Registration number: 8777454000
VAT identification number: SI11282177
VAT payers: YES
IBAN: SI56 0400 0027 6280 482 open at Nova KBM d.d.

How to oder

The ordering system is simple.

  1. Find the item you want in the online store first. There are many tools available to help you find it easily. Click on the product to select how many units you want to order and the taste you want and click on the "Add to Cart" icon. Repeat this process for each product you want to order.

If you want to buy the same product in different flavors, you also need to repeat the process of selecting the desired item with a new taste. For example, if you added a strawberry flavored product to your cart and you want to buy the same orange flavored product, you need to click on "Add to Cart" again, but before you choose the new flavor you want and the number of pieces.

  1. After selecting all the items you want to buy, click the Shopping Cart or Checkout icon at the top of the page. Clicking on the Shopping Cart icon will open a window where you can further edit and review your order. You also get information about the value of delivery in your cart. If the order meets the conditions of free shipping, this will also be reflected in the online shopping cart.

Shopping cart stores selected products and shows you their number. You can review the contents of the basket at any time and add or remove selected items from it. You can change the selected items and press the "Update Cart" button to calculate the total purchase value according to the changed quantity. You can remove products from the basket by pressing the “X” button on the far right of the item next to the item price.

  1. If you are sure you want to buy the items you have in your cart, then press the "Continue to Checkout" button. The system will redirect you to the form where you enter the required shipping and billing information and to complete the purchase. Follow the instructions here to either sign in with your account, which offers you many benefits, or simply enter shipping information without logging into our system.
  2. Before choosing a payment method, you can look again at the selected items and if you are happy with them and want to order them, you will continue to choose the payment method.
  3. Select the desired payment method and confirm the order by clicking on the "Place order" icon.


The placed order is sent to our database. At the same time, you will receive an email about the receipt of your order. This message confirms that we have received your order and started processing it. Here you can recheck all your shipping and billing information and any items you order. Any changes you wish to make to an already placed but not yet confirmed order can be reported to the Sales Consultant by replying to the order receipt email.

The order is considered confirmed or. closed with a follow-up email asking the consultant who checks your order, payment information, shipping method and final order confirmation. All orders where payment method is selected “After“ pro forma invoice ”will be shipped when we receive payment into our account.

In case of a mistake when ordering through the website, the user can cancel the order by calling the telephone number +386 41 972 374 or in writing in response to an email confirming the receipt of the order through the online store.

If you have any problems ordering please contact us via email

The minimum order amount is € 20,00

Payment options

At checkout, you can choose different payment methods at checkout:

  1. Payment by proforma invoice - By confirming your order, we will send you an invoice with your bank account information to your email address. Once payment is received, we will send the package and notify you via email.
  2. PayPal - A secure payment method with the world-renowned PayPal online payment provider. When choosing this service, you will be directed to the PayPal interface, where you perform the standard payment procedure. SPIRO d.o.o. does not store any information regarding your PayPal account.
  3. Credit Cards – a secure payment option. You need just to insert your credit card details for automatic payment. We do not save any credit card information after the payment is approved.


Deliveries in Europe are performed by DPD, UPS or DHL or exceptionally other courier services. We send the goods to the mailing address you provided in the order via the online form. Unless the recipient's address is different, it must be provided in a form or e-mail that has been designated The appropriate courrier will deliver the package to you in the following business days between Monday and Friday. Delivery time depends from each country and your provided address. Deliveries are not made during the weekends. All products ordered on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

In case of unsuccessful delivery you will be notified by the courrier. If you have not received a notification of the arrival of the package, please let us know and we will provide you with the package number with which you can pick up the parcel.

Delivery times are indicative and are therefore considered valid in the absence of a physical or structural obstacle to delivery, such as: incorrect delivery address or forces beyond our control and other factors.

Returns and exchanges


A fundamental right of consumers is access to goods that meet all quality requirements. Abp Prosport d.o.o. warrants that all products shipped to customers are stored in accordance with the law and delivered to the end user in proper condition as received by the manufacturer or distributor.

Abp Prosport d.o.o. inspects each product prior to shipment and ensures its original form without visible damage to the outer packaging. Abp Prosport d.o.o. does not guarantee that damage to the product and its contents is not possible during the shipment to the customer. The buyer has the right to claim the warranty on the products if, upon receipt, he finds that the contents or appearance of the product is damaged. In the event that the customer claims the required warranty, he must first notify us in writing by mail at Abp Prosport d.o.o., Bukovica 42a, 5293 Volčja Draga, Slovenia or by email at


The following procedure includes the analysis and verification of the claimed products, where we determine:

  1. Fraud, willful injury or negligence of a customer
  2. Normal and expected product wear


All justified complaints will be resolved by Abp Prosport d.o.o. in favor of the customer as soon as possible. The maximum period for eliminating a complaint is 30 days from the date of the written confirmation by e-mail that the customer is entitled to claim warranty.

Returns in cash will be made in the manner used in the established contract, unless otherwise agreed between SPIRO d.o.o. and the customer involved.

These provisions do not affect the consumer rights set out in the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot).



The order obliges the buyer to unconditionally pay for the goods and only afterwards to exercise the right to return the goods, unless the buyer cancels the order before it has been sent. The buyer can from Abp Prosport d.o.o. at any time, request access to all his orders made through the online store or view them in his user interface where they are stored.


In the event that the package is physically damaged it lacks content or shows signs of opening, the customer must initiate a complaint procedure. It is important that the package is claimed as soon as it is delivered by the delivery service and also informs us via email Together with the delivery service we will make sure that the complaint is resolved as soon as possible.


If you wish to cancel an order that has not yet been confirmed from our site and has not yet been submitted, please do so via your user interface on our site or email us at If you have already paid the order in advance and it has not yet been sent and would like to cancel, we will make sure that we return the money within 10 days of canceling the order.


The buyer has the right to return the purchased goods within 15 days of the receipt without any compensation and without stating the reason for withdrawal, but the buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred in returning the object of purchase. The buyer must notify SPIRO provider in writing of the intended return no later than 15 days after the receipt of the goods, by mail or at the contact email address, and return the goods within 5 days after the notice of withdrawal has been sent.


Products must be unused, undamaged and in their original packaging. A copy of the invoice must be attached. SPIRO d.o.o. returns the entire purchase price to the customer. The refunded amount shall be credited to the customer no later than 15 days after receipt of the returned goods. The payment method is agreed upon with the party involved.

If the customer does not comply with the above conditions, he is not entitled to any refunds. In the event of non-compliance with the above conditions, we will notify the customer and propose to resend the ordered goods, the costs of which are borne by the customer.

When contacting customer service, please contact and use your order number as a reference. The customer service will contact you as soon as possible



For some products, such as clothing or similar products, it is possible to easily change to another product in different sizes or colors, with the customer bearing the cost of returning the product and reposting.

Product information

Abp Prosport d.o.o. makes every effort to ensure that all information, descriptions and images displayed on the website are correct, but we reserve the right to make errors for which we are not responsible. The pictures of the products are symbolic and do not fully reflect the appearance of the product. In case of errors in the price, we will notify you subsequently and resolve the error for mutual benefit.


Abp Prosport d.o.o.. uses a secure online ordering system and is constantly improving it to offer a high level of security.

Abp Prosport d.o.o. will do everything necessary to keep your information secure, but is not responsible for any damage that a customer may suffer as a result of unauthorized third party access to any information you provide when accessing or subscribing to our site.

Terms and conditions

Abp Prosport d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Provider) is the owner and manager of the online store In managing we refer to the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot). By using this site you agree to be bound by these terms of use, which may be updated without notice.

Abp Prosport d.o.o. assumes no liability if the Website is unavailable within a specified period of time. In addition, we may from time to time restrict access to certain content on our site.

Abp Prosport d.o.o. nor does it accept any liability for loss or any damage caused by the publication of information by users on The latter also contains links to other websites over which we have no control and therefore cannot be held responsible for any harmful conduct or consequences resulting from a visit to those sites.

All prices are in Euros (€) and already include 9.5% or 22% VAT (value added tax) and are valid for all buyers at the time of placing the order. Prices are subject to change without notice to customers and are effective from the moment of change in the online store. Stock and price information is updated daily but errors may occur due to higher supply. In this case, we will notify the customer and resolve the issue for mutual benefit and satisfaction.

The purchase contract is concluded in the Slovenian language and it is formally concluded when the provider confirms the user's order. The purchase contract is stored with the company and can be received upon written request. You can send your request to:

Abp Prosport d.o.o.
Bukovica 42a,
5293 Volčja Draga

The contents of the Website are for informational and educational use only and are not intended as a substitute for medical consultation. Consult your doctor about the usefulness of our tips and suggestions depending on your medical condition.

Abp Prosport d.o.o.. complies with applicable consumer protection legislation. It is the provider's responsibility to establish an effective complaints handling system. In case of problems, the buyer can contact the provider by telephone or e-mail. Complaints can be submitted via email or in writing to the business address. We will try to resolve all disputes for mutual benefit. Otherwise, the District Court of Nova Gorica has jurisdiction over all appeals.

Company privacy policy

The protection of personal data is the responsibility of Abp Prosport d.o.o., Bukovica 42a, 5293 Volčja Draga, identification number: 8777454000, VAT nr. ID SI11282177 (hereinafter: Abp Prosport).

The present text is intended to inform you about the Abp Prosport policy regarding the protection of the personal data of our clients and to inform them of their rights regarding the protection of personal data which they have entrusted to us and the purposes of their use.

Abp Prosport stores and protects personal information so that any unauthorized disclosure of information to unauthorized persons does not occur. At Abp Prosport, we undertake not to provide, update or sell personal information to a third party without prior notice and obtaining your consent (except as otherwise provided by applicable law), without appropriate appropriate safeguards, and to process personal data only within the framework of legal legal bases and chosen purposes.

Abp Prosport is not responsible for any misuse or disclosure of an individual's personal information as a result of an individual's misconduct.

Abp Prosport processes personal information in the course of its business through


Personal data controller:

Abp Prosport,

Bukovica 42a,

5293 Volčja Draga,

Registration number: 8777454000,

VAT nr ID: SI11282177

(hereinafter referred to as Abp Prosport)

Data processors (contract controllers): When providing Abp Prosport services, your personal data may also be processed by communication channel providers (eg postal service providers) and accounting services. All potential processors have appropriate processing agreements, requesting them to process the personal data in the degree of security of as required by applicable law.



  1. a) Performance of contractual obligations or measures prior to the conclusion of the contract

Abp Prosport processes the personal data of the parties within the framework and for the purpose of performing the contracts or services provided on their basis. In this context, it processes the collected personal information of individuals for the purpose of providing services and for monitoring customer satisfaction (including complaints) and managing contacts with individuals through various channels.

The use of personal data of individuals necessary for the purpose of performing the contract includes the use of personal information that is strictly necessary for the provision of the services of the online store and the provision of all other services we provide for our clients.

At, our customers can also register and create their online user account in order to facilitate their receipt of Abp Prosport services. In this case, Abp Prosport also processes their username and password in relation to the personal information below.

For the purpose of providing services, Abp Prosport may also become aware of personal information through customer inquiries by telephone, e-mail, third-party orders, etc., with Abp Prosport always collecting only the personal information that is strictly necessary to enter into a contract or to provide services ordered.

For the purpose of providing the online store service, Abp Prosport processes the following personal information: name and surname (where applicable, company name), address, telephone and e-mail of the customer. For the purpose of entering into the contract, Abp Prosport may also process other personal data that are strictly necessary for the conclusion of the contract (eg IBAN account number).

  1. b) Fulfillment of legal obligations

Use of your personal information to fulfill legal obligations includes, in particular, the recording of invoices.

  1. c) Use of your personal information on the basis of a legitimate interest


We also use the personal information of individuals obtained through their purchase at to keep up-to-date and special, customized offer, news of offers or. services and other Abp Prosport news. In addition, we use personal information that is publicly available for direct marketing purposes.

For direct marketing purposes, we use only email addresses and telephone numbers. When conducting direct marketing, we always provide all information that the individual must be aware of in accordance with applicable law.

For direct marketing, we segment our personal information based on your purchase by location of purchase, since direct marketing can only be tailored to your language.



Individuals can always "unsubscribe" from receiving individual Abp Prosport messages through the communication medium to which they received a particular message.

If an individual wants to cancel direct marketing, he or she may object to its execution at any time. Link to unsubscribe information on how to realize the checkout is in the message. The individual's request for cancellation will be recorded in the system and will be effective immediately or 15 days after the termination exercise immediately after the cancellation request is made.

An individual may also object to the execution of direct marketing at any time by submitting the objection electronically to or in writing to Abp Prosport d.o.o., Bukovica 42a, 5293 Volčja Draga. Revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of personal data on the basis of consent prior to revocation.

SPIRO will immediately cease processing of an individual's personal information for direct marketing purposes if a complaint is raised.



  1. a) Who can access your personal information

The personal data of individuals is used only by Abp Prosport employees (or employees of potential SPIRO processors) who are obliged to comply with the provisions of personal data protection regulations and contracts concluded under which they are obliged to protect confidential information and to respect and protect the personal data of clients.

Customer personal information is a business secret. Users access the data in accordance with the granted data access rights.

  1. b) Disclosure of your personal information

Abp Prosport protects the personal data of individuals and any other data processed in pursuit of their legitimate interests that outweighs the interests of the individual, against unauthorized disclosure and disclosure to unauthorized third parties, in accordance with applicable regulations governing the protection of personal data.

Exceptionally, Abp Prosport also transmits personal data to third parties if such an obligation to disclose or disclose is imposed by applicable legislation (for example, the Financial Administration of Republic of Slovenia, courts, police, etc.).


The retention period of personal data depends on the basis of the processing and the purpose of the processing of each category of personal data.

Personal data after completing the purpose of the processing or processing. after expiry of the retention period, permanently delete.

For the purpose of direct marketing, Abp Prosport processes personal data of individuals only as long as there is a legitimate interest in such processing or until the individual is revoked.



In the following, we outline all the rights of individuals with regard to our processing of personal data relating to them and to ensuring their lawful and transparent processing.

All claims regarding the rights of individuals described below may be made in writing by email to More information on exercising the rights described below is given in the next section.

In the case of rights ambiguities, you can always ask us for further clarification on the contact information above.

  1. a) Right to withdraw consent

We do not process personal information on the basis of consent. To the extent that personal data are processed on the basis of consent, the individual could revoke their consent at any time.

  1. b) Right of access

The personal data we process can be accessed at any time, free of charge, easily and at reasonable intervals, upon request.

In this regard, upon request, we confirm to the individual whether or not we process personal data in connection with it, and when we process personal data in connection with it, we provide their access and the following information:

- the purposes of processing;

- the types of personal data concerned;

- users or categories of user to whom personal data have been or will be disclosed, in particular to users in third countries or international organizations;

- where possible, the envisaged period of retention of personal data or, where this is not possible, the criteria to be used to determine that period;

- the existence of the right to request from the controller the correction or deletion of personal data or restrictions on the processing of personal data concerning the data subject or the existence of the right to object to such processing;

- the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority;

- where personal data are not collected from the data subject, all available information regarding their source; and

- the existence of automated decision-making, including the creation of the profiles referred to in the Article, and at least in such cases meaningful information as to the reasons for it, as well as the meaning and anticipated consequences of such processing for the data subject.

Additional copies or, in the case of manifestly unfounded or repeated requests, we may charge a reasonable fee, taking into account administrative costs.

  1. c) Right of correction

At the request of the individual, we correct or supplement inaccurate and / or inaccurate or irregularities without undue delay. up-to-date personal information that we process in connection with it.

  1. d) the right of erasure

Personal information

(i) no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed,

(ii) which are processed on the basis of withdrawn consent and there is no other legal basis for processing,

(iii) in respect of the processing of which you have objected and there are no prevailing laws to process themthose reasons, or those

(iv) which have been processed unlawfully, or

(v) if required by law,

at the individual's request, we delete it without undue delay.

  1. e) Right to limit processing

We restrict the processing of personal data at the request of an individual when

(i) the individual disputes their accuracy (in which case we will limit the processing of personal data for the time of verifying the accuracy of that data),

(ii) their processing is illegal but the individual wants to restrict their processing instead of deleting them,

(iii) they are no longer needed for processing purposes but are needed by the individual to assert, enforce or defend legal claims; or

(iv) the individual has lodged an objection regarding the processing of the data until it is verified that the controller's legitimate reasons outweigh the reasons for the data subject.

In the event of a restriction, such personal data, with the exception of their storage, shall be processed only with the consent of the data subject or for the enforcement, enforcement or defense of legal claims in order to protect the rights of another natural or legal person.

We always inform the individual before canceling the processing restriction.

  1. f) Right to portability of data

At the request of the individual, personal data provided to us by an individual are provided to another controller when processing is based on consent or contract and when technically feasible.

  1. g) Right to contract

If we process personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest or for direct marketing purposes, such processing may be subject to objection by the individual at any time.

In the event that an objection is raised, we shall immediately cease processing personal data unless we have proven compelling legitimate reasons for (i) processing that outweighs the interests, rights and freedoms of the individual, or (ii) for the enforcement, enforcement or defense of legal claims. This does not apply in the case of an objection to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes, where in the case of an individual objection for the purpose of direct marketing, we immediately cease processing personal data related to him.

  1. h) Right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner

If we do not respond to an individual's request within 1 month or if we reject his / her request, the individual may file an appeal, which is the responsibility of the Information Commissioner.

A complaint for refusal must be lodged with the operator within 15 days of the expiry of the one-month period or the receipt of the refusal. The request and complaint can be submitted by an individual using the special form published on the web site of the Information Commissioner.


SPIRO guarantees individuals the exercise of their rights without undue delay and within one month of receiving the request at the latest, with the deadline for exercising individual rights for up to two additional months, taking into account the complexity and number of requests. If Abp Prosport extends the deadline, it shall notify any such extension within one month of receipt of the request, together with the reasons for the delay.

All rights claims described in the previous section may be submitted by individuals in writing to: Abp Prosport d.o.o., Bukovica 42a, 5293 Volčja Draga or email

Abp Prosport may, when it has reasonable doubt as to the identity of the individual submitting the request for its rights referred to above, may request the provision of additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the data subject.

If the requests of the data subject are manifestly unfounded or excessive, especially as they are repeated, SPIRO may:

- charge a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information or message or the implementation of the action requested, or

- refuse to act on the request.



We also recommend that you take care of your privacy and personal information.

Each individual is agreed to provide:

- security of usernames and passwords, which should be properly stored and disclosed only to those persons whom they fully trust,

- the security of your email address

- and appropriate software (antivirus) protection for your computer or other devices to access various content.



Abp Prosport reserves the right to update the Privacy Policy from time to time in the light of changes to the Services, based on user feedback and due to changes in regulations. When the change is made at the end of the Privacy Policy, we also indicate the date of the last update.

In case of significant changes or changes in the way Abp Prosport uses personal information, we will notify users before introducing the changes on the website or where we have a legitimate interest in communicating via email, also in the manner indicated.

We recommend that users regularly review this policy to obtain information on how Abp Prosport protects their privacy.



For additional information regarding the processing of personal data and suggestions for improvements, you can contact us at or email us at: Abp Prosport doo, Bukovica 42a, 5293 Volčja Draga.

This Privacy Policy applies until revoked or canceled. until a possible change.

Bukovica, 1/1/2021

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